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Client Testimonials


Solar Pool Heating

"We always knew we would like to install some kind of heating for our swimming pool, so that we can get the maximum usage out of it. The question was which system? We ruled out electric and gas because of the high running costs. Solar heating is the obvious choice. Although the initial set up cost is higher in our case, there is literally no running cost. We contacted a number of companies, big names as well as local outfits, which install solar heating for pools, and looked at the different systems they offer; and they all seem to be slightly different. We are not totally comfortable with any of them. Grahame was recommended to us by our pool maintenance company; they have seen enough heated pools to know what works and what doesn't. We are 100% happy with Grahame's work, he is totally professional, thorough and efficient. We definitely recommend him. One year on, and we are absolutely loving our solar heating. What is the point of a swimming pool if you can only use it for 3 months out of 12?"


Macy from Auckland 



Pool Renovation and Solar Pool Heating

"Coastal Spa and Pools completely refurbished our swimming pool. It was drained, the base was re-finished to fill in and smooth cracks in the concrete, and painted. We also had new skimmers and lights fitted, new pumps and filters installed and a new solar pool heating system on the roof. It looks like a brand new pool now! We are really pleased with the solar heating - it is wonderful being able to swim in warm water that doesn’t cost a fortune to heat! Graham’s hands on approach made sure that it all went smoothly, and nothing was too much trouble. I would definitely recommend his work."


Nigel from Greenhithe