Solar Pool Heating Installation | Auckland 


Coastal Spa and Pool Services have found solar pool heaters to be one of the most cost-effective solar energy applications. A solar pool heating system will save enough money to pay for itself quickly and provide pool heating energy free for your enjoyment and use for many years to come.


Coastal Spa and Pool Services specialises in installing and maintaining solar pool heating systems in the Auckland area.

Installation Site Conditions:

To get the full benefits of a solar pool heater you must have a roof area large enough for the solar panels that has sufficient exposure to the sun to collect the solar energy. If you install the panels on a pitched roof, the ideal direction should face north. 

The amount of roof area and panels required will depend on the surface area of your swimming pool, the water temperature you want to maintain, the amount of pool in direct sun and the direction of the solar panels.

Solar Pump:

The pool filter pump keeps the pool clean, and a separate solar pump is fitted for the solar heater to circulate the pool water through the solar panels and heat the pool.

Solar Controls: 

Solar heating is completely automatic in a properly designed solar heating system. When your pool requires heat, the automatic control diverts the water coming from the filter to the solar panels, if they are receiving solar energy. This continues until the pre-set desired temperature is reached or until no more solar energy is available. 

Operating Your Solar Pool Heater:

Operating solar pool heaters is very simple. Just flip a switch on the control to "Auto" at the beginning of the season and set the thermostat on the control to the pool temperature you want. At the end of the season, flip the control switch to "Off". If you have a solar system that does not drain water back completely the panels should be prepared for winter by uncapping the lowest solar panel to prevent the possibility of freeze damage.

The only routine maintenance you will need to do is the same as you should always do for your pool, keep the pool clean and in proper chemical balance. It is advisable to shut off the water supply to your pool cleaner and solar panels if you will be adding pool shock treatment or excessive amounts of chemicals.

Solar Heating Panels:

Solar swimming pool heating panels are guaranteed for 10 years, however if well maintained they can last for at least 20 years.


Solar pool heating can not keep up the temperature on heavily overcast or rainy days or during winter months. You may need to operate a standard pool heater to make up the temperature difference, if you want to maintain a high pool temperature under those conditions. Even if you choose to use your conventional pool heater as well, the solar pool heater will still supply a large amount of free energy. 


For more information view our Solar Heating System Diagram